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AYOGI was initially born from a want to share yoga with friends and family. It has and continues to evolve into a space that is welcoming to any aspiring yogi, no matter your level of experience or physical ability.

AYOGI is about meeting you where you are now, physically, mentally, and spiritually!

You may have doubts about trying yoga. Maybe you’ve tried yoga before and found yourself feeling like you couldn’t keep up, didn’t know what you were supposed to do, and/or felt you weren’t enough (strong enough, flexible enough, fit enough…).

Our focus with yoga isn’t about how flexible or strong you are. It is more than a workout and cool looking (contortionist) poses.

Yoga is about lending yourself the time needed to focus on you, your body, and breath through motion.

Yoga is a journey of connection with ourselves as we relate to the outside world.

Join us as we fine tune our connection to the world around us.

Join us on our journey, your journey, into feeling and being blessed in the present, in the now.

We are only guaranteed the present moment, so what are you waiting for?


Be a Yogi!


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Kelsey Fife Duarte, Owner and Instructor

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